23 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect – 10

  1. ConvexEd says:


  2. Sapphire07 says:

    How freaking adorable is that!!! : )
    Thanks for the release.

  3. Drakokavalaris says:

    TY Rori!

  4. BlueTier7 says:

    Thanks! (^。^)

  5. Tibsi says:

    what can you possibly say after seeing a smile like inabas ^^ http://sadpanda.us/images/1200751-5J7DWOU.gif

  6. jindo90 says:

    Thanks, rories.
    I wanted to say “thanks, lolies” but i don’t think it applies here.

  7. MiiMii says:

    Intense episode! How can anyone NOT love Inaba?

  8. GX-9901 says:

    TEAM INABA FTFW! thanks for the subs rori!

  9. redraine says:

    Inaba has totally won most charming character of year. ;o;

    I just hope that the anime hasn’t alpha-coupled Taichi/Nagase already like EVERY OTHER FUCKING ANIME OUT THERE.

  10. IZEROII says:

    OMG so good. So good. Inaba just became everyone’s favorite character. Although she always was for me : )

  11. Cat says:

    Rem, you suck. be glad that i don’t think you suck the most, though. but thanks for everything else you bunch o’ suckas :D

  12. macxxx007 says:


  13. Stipervetz says:

    I came buckets. rori is my favourite fansub <3 LONG LIVE RORI

    p.s – Sutai stinkx

  14. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  15. Klero says:

    Can anyone help me? For some reason I don’t see the subs. Is it just me? They show if I switch to default subs stile, but it doesn’t look very good, and the tipesetting falls apart. It was the same for the previous episode, I somehow managed with default style, but I don’t want to watch it like this anymore. I thought it might be the fonts, when I tried extracting subs and fonts and playing with external subs, there was one font with no name, it was like “Attachment: ,application/x-truetype-font, size”. In this episode there are two fonts like this, between “Circle Semi” and “erasdust”. I’m not sure about previous episodes though, and somehow doubt it is the cause, since op/ed songs are also not showing, and I suppose that different fonts are used for them.
    So. Sorry for this wall of text, I tend to go into too much detailes when explaining something. Does anyone have a clue what might be wrong? I use K-Lite Mega codec Pack 9.2. Tried installing CCCP, and video stopped playing completely, xy-VSFilter also didn’t help.

    • hi_rori says:

      i’m not sure…but it might have something to do with u having 2 different codecs…is k-lite still installed? if so, try uninstalling it and re-install cccp with the xy-vsfilter.

      • Klero says:

        Hm, it worked. I don’t really like CCCP, it failed me some time ago, though I don’t remember what it was. Well, I’ll switch to CCCP for the time being, until it fails me again.
        But the fact that with K-Lite subs for episodes 9 and 10 weren’t visible still remains. And I don’t think something in my computer was the cause, since I watch 20-30 shows every season and that’s the first time I’ve ever encountered such problem, including episodes 1-8 of this show with rori’s subs.
        Oh, I’ve almost forgot: thank you rori for your work, I’m always looking forvard to your releases.

  16. Jdigital says:

    It’s important to say that Sutai is a troll master. But his ass tastes real good.

  17. Inaba says:

    Thanks for the subs! Inaba rules! :D

  18. Animebaka says:

    KC is pretty damn deep

  19. Redy says:

    Thank you so much rori, love you :D

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